Ann Gustason Emel

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Ann Gustason
Residing In: Bremerton, WA USA
Life's Work: Worked in CKHS library for 25 years
Children: We had 3 daughters and now 5 grandchildren. The girls are all in their 40s(how did that happen?) Two More…daughters live in the area and the youngest lives in Palo Alto, CA. The grandchildren are here in Kitsap County which makes Grandma quite happy.

I was a stay-at-home Mom until the girls' high school years and remain happy with that decision. My family is very important to me and we are still quite close-knit. Yay!
Yes! Attending Reunion

After graduation, I attended SPU and then married Darrel Emel who was from Kitsap Co. We moved there in 1963 so he could grow his fledgling tree service which he still runs today. I wasn't too sure about this move but it is now one of my most favorite places.

Waterfront was affordable in the 60s so we were able to buy property and I still live on the water in the Chico area and love it every day.

I was a stay-at-home Mom until the girls reached high school and then went to work at their school library. I intended to work for 5 years to help them get through college and ended up retiring 3 years ago after 25 years!

I love to travel. My most interesting trip was to the Russian Far East and riding the Trans-Siberian RR to Lake Baikal and then flying back to our base town on Aeroflot. I don't recommend Aeroflot airlines but have some great stories to tell about the flight. I have also been to Europe, S. Korea, Hawaii and Mexico. Hope to do more traveling in the future.....probably the Holy Lands or Scandinavia and Russia. I love the Rick Steeves' travel classes...he gets me fired up to want to go most everywhere.

I also love to garden, watch the Mariners and read a good book. And, I am an active member of Crossroads Neighborhood church where I can serve and also receive many blessings. I highly recommend this......

I was slowed up just after retirement as I had to have both of my knees replaced because of arthritis... but.....I am grateful such surgery exists these days and hope to get back to the new normal (whatever that turns out to be) very soon.

Life is good......

School Story:

I wish I had some great BHS high school stories to share...but....I moved to Queen High School for those years. It was quite a shock to go from our smallish class to one with 375 students but they welcomed me in and it turned out to be a very good character builder.

However, I have always counted myself as a true BHS Class of 1959 member and have loved returning for most all the reunions.

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Ann Gustason Emel has a birthday today.
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Ann Gustason Emel has a birthday today.
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Ann Gustason Emel has a birthday today.
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Ann Gustason Emel has a birthday today.
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