Bothell Jr. High





On a day a while back as I was looking through my pictures and minutia that have been collected over the years when I discovered a program from April 27, 1896.    That's not a typo, as that is what is printed on the front page.  Consider this;  we are 9th graders at Bothell Junior High, John Carter is the Music Teacher and he has this great idea for a full-on production of the "Gay Ninties".  Since I found this piece, I have read it 40 to 50 times.  Each time another name pops out to me and I visualize their face.  What a wonderful memory for me.  This program is to be folded in three, so when you look at it the front page also has the back two pages.  The second image is the program with all the merriment that went into it.  I have enjoyed it and I hope that you to will remember your own part in the "Revue".