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E. Richard (Dick) Handy

Unfortunately, sometimes we don't receive news in a timely fashion.  This is just one of those occasions.

Sadly we report that E. Richard (Dick) Handy has passed away.  He was hospitalized in Montana but the doctors and staff could not attend to Dick and had him transferred to a Salt Lake hospital. He passed away in July of last year (2020). 

His son, Tim, states that his remains have been interred at Arlington Cemetery which is a military burial site in Riverside, California.  Tim and his wife were at his bedside at his passing.

Additionally, Tim says that his father had one regret, that being that he wished he had stayed in the US Air Force, perhaps making a career of it. 

This is a picture of the mini-reunion held in 2018 at Park's home which is the latest picture with Dick Handy in it that I have.



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